Enrolling your child in a charter school … Because of this, charter schools are subject to all laws governing any public school, including civil rights and federal special education laws. I get it. I am the Special Education Director for a public charter school. An earlier version of this post appeared on his blog, The Silent Majority, as Getting Honest On Charter School Admissions, and Catching Bad Actors . Schools get a certain amount of funding per student, but only if that student is enrolled in a public school (including a charter school). If the charter school you are looking into is public, they can not deny admission to a child with an IEP. Knowing the rules of district transfers might allow you to place your child in a school in a better district, however it probably won’t help you land a spot in an oversubscribed school. There are even good reasons to send your child to a charter school. Enrolling your child(ren) in school can take time and preparation, so it is a good idea to start the process as soon as possible. I’m not saying that you are a bad parent if you make sacrifices to move to the suburbs because of the school system. We are our own district and follow all the same rules as other public schools. So, the answer is YES! To enroll your child in school, you will need to locate a school, provide residency documentation, and get your child all state required immunizations or provide a … If parents could choose to take that allotment of money and put it toward a private school of their choice, then we'd actually see some fairness in … A child may attend school in the school district in which he lives or enroll in other options, such as charter schools. Show your interest Visiting the school is a great way to get to know the teachers, parents, and administration. Department announces 2020-21 enrollment figures for public and charter schools: Hawaii's public and charter schools combined enrollment for SY 2020-21 is 174,704 students: Parents reminded to enroll children in kindergarten early for upcoming school year Charter schools are typically considered a part of a public school system in a particular district and state. A 2015 study of charter schools in 41 urban regions by Stanford University found that charter students gain an average of 40 days of additional learning each year in math and 28 additional days of learning per year in reading compared to their counterparts in urban neighborhood schools. These schools may be charter schools, magnet schools or alternative school programs and can offer a wide variety of options for you and your child. I have friends who work for charter schools, I have other friends who have decided to send their kids to a charter school–I promise, I get it. Attend more than one type of event (for example, a tour and an open house), and if the school has a concert, art show, or science fair scheduled, stop by to get a feel for the school … Dirk Tillotson is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Great Schools Choices, which supports community-based charter school development and increasing access for underserved families. Always have a Plan B! Charter school students come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. The application and enrollment process at each school of choice varies from a simple paper application to a lottery selection for eligible students. This guide is designed to answer common questions parents ask when they want information about how to enroll their child — no matter the age — in traditional district and charter schools. ... Areas with a range of charter and district public schools give parents a range of options so they can choose the school that best fits their child. If your child doesn’t get into that must-have school on the first go round, here are a … Anyone can go to a charter school.