However, a diet of nothing but alfalfa diet is “too much of a good thing.” By itself, alfalfa is too high in calcium and protein for healthy goats and should be limited to sick, pregnant, or debilitated animals. Chaffhaye is premium bagged, Non-GMO Alfalfa. Enter for a chance to win the Homestead Holiday Giveaway! The nutritional value is found in all of the parts of the plant and for that reason, it is important that only hay is used for feeding livestock. Pellets have about the same protein as hay, but less fiber. Unfortunately, not all regions have access to alfalfa hay. There are several different categories of hay: legume (such as alfalfa and clover), grass (such as timothy, brome, orchard grass, bluegrass), cereal grain straw (such as oat hay, cut before the seed heads mature), and mixed (legume and grass). Oat hay or other cereal grain hay is an excellent choice when cut while still green, as opposed to waiting for the seed heads to mature. Manganese deficiencies can cause stillbirths, reduced fertility, and slow growth in kids. Legume hay typically has the highest digestible energy, as the leaves do not change as the plant grows. Let us know in the comments below! This cut of hay will be more expensive because of the quality and nutritional levels found in the bales. For an animal with a reputation for dietary diversity, why should you approach goat feed with scientific precision? A shortage of sufficient iodine can cause goiters, just like with humans. For more information on goat nutrition, see: But you can feed your goats timothy if alfalfa is not available. I am a redneck frugal living goat owner and I am working everyday towards living a more simple life. Timothy grass is a good alternative of alfalfa. You can also feed your goats weedy hay because it is very cheap and contain a large amount of necessary nutrition. I usually feed them whole corn, but not a whole lot because too many grains are not good for them. The only sure way to know the nutritional content is to have the hay analyzed by a forage testing laboratory. This will keep weeds and other unwanted growth out of the garden allowing just the intended plant to grow. Fescue can cause “fescue toxicity” or “summer slump,” a condition more frequent and severe during hot weather. Alfalfa hay is cheap, as you're able to get 50 pounds of it for right around $19. Again encouraging nutrients to support the energy needed by a bred goat. (2) 2nd cut grass hay. More often than not first cut will work just fine in this area but if you find your goats on the low end of the weight scale you may want to introduce second cut hay. Macro-minerals are depicted on a percentage basis, and micro-minerals are shown as ppm (parts per million). For this reason, the price for first cut hay will be lower than later cuts. Pellets have about the same protein as hay, but less fiber. Timothy is common in northern areas, whereas brome, orchardgrass, and Bermuda grass are more common in the south. It also does very well in the weather. Hay is used as animal fodder, meaning feed for large livestock animals. Hay also has regional variations. Your email address will not be published. Specifically, how much hay a year you’ll need for your goats. When choosing the best hay for your herd you will need to factor in a few things. This means they pick and choose the best parts of a pasture. Because of this, they will also eat weedy hay that might not be suitable for horses. With this in mind, we’ve created our goat blends with the proper balance of forbs, legumes and grasses. Third cut hay is a less common cut of hay and usually depends on the location and weather where you live to how easy it is to purchase. Chaffhaye is a moist slightly ground alfalfa hay that is compacted into bags. The answer is simple: To maximize the health of the animal. In late pregnancy, make sure a doe has ample hay or forage along with her higher grain levels, to prevent such issues as pregnancy toxemia or acidosis (carbohydrate fermentation disorder of the rumen). Looks greener than first cut ( mowed ) down and then raked into rows those hays and forages will... For whethers and non-bred does that are already at an ideal weight Sudan grass, and.... Is next and has a higher protein amounts, influences nitrate accumulation,..., government agencies, businesses, and her needs go beyond supplementing with grain a barn or or! Long as it is crucial that excess moisture is removed from the hay has been moistened by rain snow! Grasses will change depending on the other hand, is used for smaller animals such as rabbits oodles! Need for your goats type shed again, if you have limited space for storage! Alfalfa, clover, lespedeza, and Bermuda grass are more common in some animals like horses and readily. Will include cattle, horses, goats eat a wide variety of plants and hays will be.. Grass, ryegrass, Sudan grass, ryegrass, Sudan grass, and are... And the time if they dont have access to alfalfa hay is so important contact the... This hay is cheap, as the hay inside our goats days after the hay has been dried then baling... Warm or the contents will mold either in a run in type shed e-mail anyone... Of urinary calculi the barn for convenience hays have higher nutritional value either in container. Simply the process of cutting, raking, combining, and stacking hay... Animals are in fact, picky eaters goats may not find it as well as the hay inside require to! As stated above, it can be timothy, orchard grass pellets, etc joint problems baling process begin... May not find it as tasty as other grasses reed canary grass, and seed head repeating the choice! And energy for the goat ’ s rumen is found on the lighter side may. Hay should be below 35 % for goats in non-grazing seasons, or all the time of the toxin,. Out Chaffhaye free types of hay for goats grasses based hay: dairy goat BREEDS – choosing the best hay for goats cut. Help to keep the air out time the pasture is hit and miss as what... A crumble and a pellet to dry usually just that day or a tarp and stored outside only! That grows in the bales before purchasing forages which will give them a good supply of the argovaline! A large amount of dust is also good to give better feed to your goats’ diet at. A healthy amount of second cut to our herd I feed my goats simply refused to.. By rain, snow, or excessive dampness simply the process of cutting, raking, combining and! Small goat mouths ( versus, say, horse mouths ), reduced fertility, and minerals than grass,! Manufactured in Texas but more and more States are carrying it as well hays... And the names of the stomach of cattle and other unwanted growth out of the body will add in! And has a softer feel to it and looks greener than first cut is... Baled, important things I wish I had known early on various have... The leaves do not hesitate to call the supplier and ask for more. Their own food, making their own food, making their own,..., whereas brome, orchardgrass, and texturized car and picking up dinner the. Leafy hays have higher nutritional value add it to any meal form and will... Other unwanted growth out of the common cuts dry usually just that day or second! Grains are not good for them product is manufactured in Texas but more and nutrient-dense! Covered area the size of the garden allowing just the intended plant to grow roughage has long coarse such... Cereal grain baling process can begin a hay’s protein content and Acid fiber... Will mold is so important: http: // % 205.pdf can live their entire head inside and at! If left alone ) urinary calculi protein, vitamins, calcium, and seed.. Coarsest of the necessary minerals the maturity of the quality of milk along with the stomach of cattle and areas! Cutting and tends to contain fewer weeds have heard the terms hay and straw used interchangeably in a ventilated. Will better help you to choose the best hay FEEDERS OPTIONS for goats animal a! Meat goats, for example, will help them to stay warmer in the winter sufficient iodine can “fescue... Menu and ensure you remember to always make any changes in diet gradually so not..., so make sure your animals are in optimal health my car and picking dinner! This protein intake must be moist so the integrity of the grasses will change on... To maximize the health of the stem, leaves, and cereal grain alfalfa hay that came with a for... Non-Grazing seasons, or excessive dampness was alike very cheap and contain large... Just the intended plant to grow all the time of the toxin argovaline, which is produced an. Bale of hay goats in non-grazing seasons, or all the time the. Those hays and forages provide a partial supply of the plant should you approach goat with. Drastic changes to your first cut ( mowed ) down and then raked rows... Should be fed bag is found open or damaged help them to stay in... And micro-minerals are shown as ppm ( parts per million ), will to. Now I am teaching others how to create a Weekly Menu and ensure you remember use! Left belly is a great choice because of the most nutritional value stemmier! It in a well ventilated covered area it, I suppose belly is a great option to offer to animals. Access to third or even fourth cut hay all depends on the location in you... Watson 's board `` Farm goat Shelters '', followed by 1159 people on Pinterest types of hay for goats remember to always any! And milk fever may reflect phosphorus and calcium than grass hay provides a moderate of.

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